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    Given the status of crypto in the 'hard to motivate' youth - school age primarily ... a Metapost type project for each high-school would seem to be a great framework for facilitating wallet/anonymous input on that view of kids about the school, teachers, classes. A moderator function with some slashing or Aethenian ostracism function would be good. Also, a good way to get youth involved with blockchain/algorand/write to earn/etc...
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    Happy New Year everyone
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    Anyone still checking in here..? :'(
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    Really a great start for a usable platform for empowering 'thinking' people to interact - and be rewarded. From the look of the comments/content, I'd say many are similarly impressed as a start point for a gated and rewarded forum function. Great work!
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    How's everyone doing?
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    It might be cool if we could choose the colour behind our names
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    Replacing ALGO upvotes with tips to author 💸 Based on feedback about the "upvote with algo" functionality, we are phasing out this functionality and transitioning to a more straightforward "tipping" option. Here's why: - The large value discrepancy between POST and ALGO complicates the calculation of post scores. This issue has become even more problematic with downvotes, as currently you can negate the effect of 1 ALGO upvote with 1 POST downvote. Assigning different weights to ALGO and POST upvotes is doable but very complicated in practice - The "tax" on algo upvotes: this is not a secret, but it is also not very obvious, and it is eroding trust in the decentralization of the platform The new tipping feature lets you send algos directly to post authors, with a trackable note. These tips will be displayed below the post, distinctly from upvotes. Upvoting and downvoting with POST tokens is unaffected. As always, any feedback or differing opinions are welcome :)
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    This shall be the most downvoted post in history.
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    I can't downvote. I get "Could not confirm transaction"
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    Long term feedback: For long term health of a community board, it is essential that the board have multiple mods. A long term solution to provide for this would be to allow a method for a board to be controlled by a multisig of some fashion. Obviously very, very low priority, but something to think about.
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