POST is a Algorand Standard Asset (1124070239) used by the Metapost application. POST has a fixed supply of 10 billion.

0 post token have been burned by users interacting with the Metapost contracts.

Token distribution

The initial POST token distribution will be as follows:

Token distribution chart

  • 8 billion tokens are allocated to rewards. These tokens can only be released to users interacting with the Metapost contracts (see below)
  • 1.7 billion tokens are allocated to growing the platform through partnerships and incentives. In the future, POST token holders will be able to vote on how these tokens are used. Here is how the current supply has been spent: Until a mechanism for decentralizing decision making is implemented, the remaining growth supply (1,699,300,000 post token) will be held at POSTL7Q73M.
  • The 3 billion tokens allocated to development are locked until 2025.

Token utility

POST tokens can be used to:

  • Upvote and downvote posts (1 token = 1 upvote/downvote)
  • Create new boards
  • Participate in governance of the Metapost platform (coming soon!)

Tokens used to upvote/downvote posts and create new boards are burned, which benefits all holders by decreasing the total available supply. Burn logicsig: EL7Y4SAFQQ.

POST tokens are not an investment, and have no value outside of the Metapost platform.

Rewards distribution

The 8 billion tokens distributed through rewards will be dispensed proportionally to the remaining supply which ensures higher rewards for early adopters of the platform. The distribution formula is:

Reward tokens formula

Remaining rewards supply: 0 post token

These are the multipliers and current POST token rewards:

Action Multiplier Current reward
Create a post 2 0
Your post receives a comment 0.1 0